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Stop Putting Spoilers In Anime Openings!

The Glorio Blog: "Spoilers suck. They’re absolutely no fun irrespective of the medium, especially if you’ve had an invested interest for a considerable amount of time. Many of my Twitter followers complain about Game of Thrones spoilers when that airs, and while I’ve not seen that show in particular, it’s understandable how infuriating it is to have a surprise taken away from you. In cases similar to Game of Thrones, it’s also unfortunate for those working on the show, as their hard work alluding to events and creating mystery will be made redundant."

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MarquiseGT1335d ago

Ehh I don't really mind spoilers in openings because I never really pay that close attention to it because the song is usually catchy

Archaic1335d ago

Hear hear. Far too many series are guilty of this. Was very frustrating when I saw the new Sailor Moon anime doing it. So much for being able to introduce people to the franchise with that anime without them figuring out everything from before they even saw the full team get together.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1334d ago

I guess this was never rlly a problem for me.

koga881334d ago

Usually shonen series openers tend to be lousy with spoilers. Any time a new arc starts, a new opening containing all of the villains and allies and sometimes even the fight match-ups, spoiling the entire thing.

In fact almost every "get a group together" type series is plagued with this because it always spoils who will be joining in, even if they are antagonists at the time.