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Top 15 Anime of Summer 2014

"Now that the summer anime season has ended, I thought I should do a list of the best shows I watched. These include anything that aired this season, including shows that ended and anime that haven’t yet finished."

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DivineHand1251327d ago

Terrible list. The better anime are at the bottom while the garbage is at the top.

Etseix1327d ago

Garbage anime?
Space Dandy is the best anime out of the season

DivineHand1251326d ago

I know space dandy appeals to many people and when I said garbage anime I wasn't thinking of Space Dandy since I didn't watch it. The first season wasn't my cup of tea even though there were episodes I really enjoyed with one of them being the episode he captured the orphan Gentooan girl who could transfer peoples minds into puppets.

IMO based on what I have seen, the only two anime that were above average this summer were Akame ga Kill! and Tokyo Ghoul. The only flaws those two anime had were characters who should not have died died and main characters were developing at a slow pace even though the environment needed them to step up now.