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Terror In Resonance Episode 11 and Final Thoughts | The Glorio Blog

The Glorio Blog: "Terror in Resonance ends on a bang, followed by a whimper, though oddly enough it’s the latter having the biggest lasting impact. While the detonation of the nuclear bomb results in a nice, atmospheric scene, the subdued reunion between Nine, Twelve and Lisa takes up the majority of the screen time until an unfortunate twist brings an end to their happiness. While the first half sees Nine completing his plan, it’s Shibazaki’s confrontation with the trio after the bump that serves as the show’s climax. No big surprises here, Sphinx’s motive was indeed to get the media’s attention, only without some criminal back-up, no one’s going to believe your story. It never came to an outright team-up between the two rivals, but in the end, Shibazaki does get to strike up part of the credit for exposing Project Athena, and it never feels cheap. He gets his time to shine in the first half, which is arguably more about his attempts to save people than about Nine’s resolve. It shows he’s willing to put his relentless pursuit to rest in favour of more pressing matters — a nice callback to his tragic failure years ago."

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