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Akame ga KILL! Episode 15 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - Though Akame ga KILL! began its second cour with episode 14, this episode marks the debut of its new and updated opener and closer. The former, “Liar Mask” by relative anime newcomer Rika Mayama, features Night Raid and the Jaegers almost equally backing a bold new song, while the latter, “Tsuki Akari” by first OP singer Sora Amamiya, is a gentler, prettier number featuring Akame and Kurome exclusively. Both are at least equal to the originals in quality, and at least they don't continue to feature deceased characters. . . Well, until some of the current crop start to die, of course, and given the direction events are headed by the end of this episode, a couple of upcoming deaths seem inevitable.

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