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Mayo Chiki! – Series Collection Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese writes:

What is it about a ‘harem’ Anime that gets audiences so excited? No, not excited in that way, I mean genuinely excited. There’s got to be something within every single ‘harem’ series that has people coming back.

Not only that, there has to be something within ‘harem’ Anime as a whole that justifies studios continuing to produce them. I, for one, cannot see the appeal of the hyper sexuality of this type of Anime but I think that’s exactly why I’m the perfect choice to review ‘Mayo Chiki!’.

Why exactly? Well I think, as somewhat of an ‘outsider’, I can look at the series for more than just its fanservice in an attempt to see if this ‘romantic comedy’ is as comedic and beautifully romantic as boasted. All the while taking into account that it is the fanservice, clearly, that people seem to enjoy.

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