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Shirobako Episode #02 Anime Review | Fandom Post

The schedule is already tight on the anime that Musashino Animation is working on, but things look to get worse when the director decides to remake the characters on the fly.

What They Say:
Episode 2: “Arupin is Here!”

The Review:
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So, we see that Segawa the animator is not entirely well, but not in deep danger while Aoi gets a call from one of her high school friends, Shizuka the aspiring seiyuu. After helping Segawa into bed, Aoi reassures her that she need not worry about episode 4 of Exodus, since the studio will figure something out. Segawa doesn’t quite have much faith in Aoi’s reassurances. And it is a big problem, since Segawa is the animation supervisor for episode 4. The only option left is for Aoi to beg Endou, the animation supervisor for episode 3 to take up the role for episode 4, since Segawa was key in getting episode 3 over its hurdle, which helped Endou greatly.

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