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Nintendo Teams Up with Playboy to Promote Bayonetta 2

Sometimes a cross-promotion for something just makes sense, even though this particular cross promotion is kind of hilarious, considering Nintendo’s family friendly mentality.

We’ve learned that adult friendly Playboy is teaming up with Nintendo to promote the stellar and seductive heroine, Bayonetta, in her latest outing in Bayonetta 2.

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Hergula1298d ago

Well, sex sells, so why not.

Hergula1296d ago

Well there are far too many things in the world to worry about, selling sex in media and pop culture is not one of them. Because however much you dislike it, it will never go away... never will.

Also, in this case I think that the Playboy thing makes some sense, I mean it is a person in Bayonetta cosplay, like are we really that petty as humans to get mad at provocative cosplay? smh.

paradigmfellow1296d ago

@Hergula, Complacency is a dangerous situation to be in. The fact that you are saying that is the real is something to be worried about. Everything in this world is interconnected.
Just because it will never go away doesn't mean that its' affects that it has in society should be allowed to run unquestioned and potentially leading up to other issues.

It is our duty to always continue to question things for the greater good of critical thinking and progress of the human race.