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Time of Eve: Another Act Novel Gets English Release

ANN writes: "The official Twitter account for the Time of Eve anime announced on Friday that Kei Mizoguchi's 2010 Time of Eve: Another Act novel will receive an English translation. The Time of Eve online shop began accepting preorders on Friday.

Tony Gonzalez is translating the 190-page novel into English, and Ng Jun Siang is editing the translation. The release features anime character designer Ryuusuke Chayama's nine original illustrations, including four full-color drawings.

The translated novel will be available for preorder until November 7 for US$14.95. People who preorder will receive a credit in the book's "Special Thanks" section. The English release is slated to ship in January 2015."

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SynGamer1599d ago

$12 for shipping to Canada...will have to think about this one. Was all set to pull the trigger up until I saw that. This is one of the many reasons I've gone digital (Kindle) for books lately.