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Naruto: The End Of The Manga ... And What Will Be After That?

This is the great existential question, as the end of Naruto is near, what will be next? and wondered what kind of adventure will continue in Naruto. Obviously, the first step will be The Last Naruto The Movie, a film in line with the manga. Which is starting after two years the end of the Great War ninja?

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Kingthrash3601291d ago

Can believe I read 15 years worth of naruto. Great great manga. And like that it's over. Sad times.

The Killer1291d ago

i started watching naruto since mid 2000's. then is started the manga. its been around 10 years since i am watching or reading naruto.

Its sad to see good things to end, but Naruto had to finish.

I was hoping to see more of his hokage time. maybe they can make an arc while he is hokage. there is still room for the story to go on, but not as teenage naruto.

TXIDarkAvenger1290d ago

The world is at peace so I feel like a Hokage arc would be kind of boring. The story is over, if it was ever continued it would have to be a slice of life anime.

Kingthrash3601290d ago

Well sauske did since some danger around him in the last comic.. Maybe something will happen to him....that I'm sure would set naruto off.
Though I'm just reaching for reason. Maybe there'll be a bolt arc that has an arc like there.

Canary1289d ago

I can't say I really want to see any more Naruto. I feel like the series is a whole constantly slid from being awesome to being dull to being awesome again over and over again. And that bloated cast. Yikes.

I am, however, really excited to see what Kishimoto does next. He'll probably take a break for a while, though. Honestly, I think he's the best shounen mangaka since the holy triumverate of Toriyama, Takahashi and Adachi.

Although Yasuhiro Kanou is also quite good, his stuff tends to be cancelled prematurely.