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12 Most Strongest Naruto’s Characters

Here we have the list of the best and strongest characters in the Naruto series s, each character have its unique abilities and powers and also its own fighting style, on the base of their style and powers we have numbered this list.

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pickmyfix1241d ago

Itachi and Pain was strong.. As well as madara
Naruto should not b on the top of the list

Alxe1241d ago

lol... Naruto is the strongest character.
you cant it a good list but good enough

bigrob9041241d ago

did you read the manga? although, even in the anime, naruto is way stronger than both pain and itachi. i think you need to go back and check on those power levels, as it were.

Sashamaz1241d ago

Naruto is top by default, he has the main character advantage. It would be more interesting to compare characters in early shippuden before power levels spiked up, it was interesting and have strategy, towards the end it just turned into dragon ball.

Rai1241d ago

Jiraiya should of been on this list. I think the sage should of been first. Naruto and Sasuke should of been tied for second. Then comes Hashirama and Madara.

gunnerforlife1241d ago

Jiraya should be on there instead of orochimaru! Especially when he uses sage mode! And how is kabuto lower then orochimaru when he can use sage mode...???

SaffronCurse1241d ago

orochimaru is unstoppable

pompombrum1241d ago

For all we know, Orochimaru could be a sage too, his bond with snakes is pretty deep, I wouldn't be surprised if he had researched and learn it.

dboyman1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


Well going by the manga it's Kaguya is considered the strongest, since even the SOAP and amped Madera were not equals to her. But the appearance of her after Black Zeus basically "backstabbed" Madara to resurrect her really seemed out of place for the pacing of manga at that point.

pompombrum1241d ago


I was thinking Kaguya too, in a 1v1 fight she would easily take Naruto or Sasuke.

Alxe1241d ago

I don't think that she cantake down naruto in 1v1, nit ure about sasuke

kicka1241d ago

If Obito wasn't there to reunite Sasuke and Naruto she could have easily taken them out 2v1 as well. Without the twin seals that naruto and sasuke have neither of them have the means to take kagura out. While at the very least her lifespan has been shown to be several thousands of years longer then the two of them so she could easily win via longlivety. (although i very much doubt she wouldn't have the firepower in her arsenal to secure herself a win anyway)

tekksin1241d ago

most... strongest..... :|

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