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Break Blade (TV) Review [ThePantlessAnimeBlogger]

Break Blade is about a guy named Rygart Arrow. He was summoned by the king of Krisna, his old school buddy, to discuss something important. It seems that their neighboring country called Athens has decided to invade. They already sent their terms for surrendering and it involves giving all of Krisna’s supply to Athens and then promptly executing the royal family. A squad of high advanced robots is already heading to the capital of Krisna. They are skilled and they are far superior to any robot Krisna can produce. The man leading the campaign, another childhood friend named Zess. Rygart is asked to help defend the country but he knows deep down that the three close friends can still talk it out. He isn’t aware just how much a few years can change them and this naïve guy is about to witness the horrors of war up close and personal. With a special robot at this side though, Rygart will now join the war hoping to end it once and for all.

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