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Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Review – Court’s Back in Session | The Koalition

The original Phoenix Wright game was first released on the Nintendo DS back in 2005. It was an interesting game that blended dramatic, comedic storytelling with the interactivity of the DS touch screen. The game was popular enough to spawn two more sequels and a series of spin-off games staring different characters and more unique mysteries. In case you missed the chance to play these games back on the Nintendo DS, Capcom is releasing the first three original Phoenix Wright titles onto one collection for the Nintendo 3DS with the aptly named Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD. This trilogy comes with a few neat additions that fans of Phoenix Wright will enjoy and newcomers to the series will definitely appreciate.

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rbailey1232d ago

I keep hearing great things about this series and definitely will check it out when possible. Glad to see them making remasters but I hope they are working on NEW games too lol

cemelc1230d ago

I played them all, they are amazing games, but is not for everyone.

There is a lot of reading involved, if you dont like graphic novels, then youll be dissapointed, otherwise youll be in for one of my all time favorites.