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Akame ga Kill was Crap | Short Pause

This series had so much potential, then they killed it. Here's everything that went wrong with Akame ga Kill and how it could have been so much better.

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Hergula861d ago

"Akame ga Kill was crap" - crap... really? I mean there are plenty of words in the English language... but crap? smh.

sailormars66861d ago

Then what word would you pick?

tazmeah861d ago

Well, here are some synonyms from "Synonyms: baloney, bunk, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, foolishness, hogwash, idiocy, ludicrousness, poppycock, ridiculousness, rigmarole, tomfoolery, twaddle." None of them seem to roll off the tongue as well as "crap" to me.

If you think "Akame ga Kill is Twaddle" sounds better, I'm all for picking the best headline. Give me a better one and I'll change it; no lie. Read the post and help me find the word I'm looking for.

Hergula859d ago

crap rolls off your tongue?

You played yourself into that one buddy.

However, I just feel that there is no need to call an anime crap, I mean it shows a lack of respect for the craft and artform that I personally find dear to my heart and feel should be criticized a bit better than simply calling something crap. It is quite immature if you ask me.

paradigmfellow860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

The anime was crap. It became crap once it deviated from the manga. I hate it when an anime deviates from the manga.

cemelc859d ago

Whats with all the hate?

That is a gutsy ending, sure it didnt go as the manga, but they end it really well.

paradigmfellow859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

They did not end it well. It was rushed and full of plot holes.

cemelc859d ago

Plot holes?

I understand your point, but from someone who didnt read the manga, i can say that is one hell of a gutsy ending for the series.

Way better than the open ending B.S i get from 90% of the anime these days.

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TXIDarkAvenger861d ago

Yeah it could have been better but they wanted to wrap it up in 1 season.

koga88860d ago

I'm just glad that I avoided watching the series and stuck to reading the manga. They really butchered the story to try and fit it into that time frame with their original ending. Hopefully the manga won't end up following the same route.

tazmeah860d ago

Really? Wow! I was wondering if the manga was much better than the anime, or if it was fairly consistent. Looks like I'll have to read it like you because there was so much potential early on. Towards the end, it just fell apart.

I read in a wiki that the manga goes deeper into everyone's story, including some ...interaction between Run and Kurome. Not trying to spoil anything. So, that info plus what you've said, I'll definitely be reading it soon.

Baka-akaB860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

Butchering the end , or actually even adding an end blows , just like what happened with claymore . But it doesnt negate the whole serie as crap .

People need to clearly see stuff like Samurai Deeper Kyo to witness an actual abomination of anime adaptation , something that should have been killed in infancy

gaikai860d ago

without spoilers, how is it different from the manga?
a.) it is totally different ending compared to manga?
b.) is the story from mid to end changed?
c.) are there character that were not there?

paradigmfellow860d ago (Edited 860d ago )

a. The manga is still continuing.
b. story changes after the fighting the four rakshasa demons
c. yes, the anime is missing characters.