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Review: Tales of Zestiria – Dawn of the Shepard - ShonenGameZ

The OVA (Tales of Zestiria: Doushi no Yoake or Dawn of the Shepard) aired on December 31rst and gave fans a look at what seems like early segments of the game’s storyline. We can see familiar areas that we’ve seen in screenshots, along with moments that we’ve seen in trailers.

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Harkins17211566d ago

I only planned to watch the first 5 mins to see how it looked. Ended up watching all of it. Idk it got me that into it. I liked it very much. Cant wait for the full game!

Kaiou1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

haha , that's exactly what happened to me , just wanted to see how the characters sound like and couldn't turn it off . still need to play TOX 2 though .

Harkins17211559d ago

Ive put 98 hrs into ToX2 on my first playthru. Some people found the game to be annoying with you have to pay ur bill every so often in order to advance to a different place. But I didnt find that to bad at all. During some side storys theres certain people you can only bring but theres a spot yo bring someone whoever you chose which is nice. But during the main story its kinda of a pain because I wanted some one else. Plus Ludger has to be with you for like 80% of of things. But again it wasnt a huge thing for me. I recommend it very much.

SynGamer1565d ago

That good eh? I really liked Tale of Veserpia: The First Strike. Haven't seen anything in the series since. I'll have to give this a try!