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Your lie in April Episode 12 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - When the narrative isn't actively propelling you forward, Your Lie in April is a hard show to get through in one sitting. It's easily one of the most emotionally draining anime streaming right now, and unlike many other series like that, it's not because it's dealing with especially complex ideas. Instead, Your Lie in April zeroes in on the personal melodramas of a small group of high school students. Some of these are fraught issues, like Kosei's history as an abused child and his need to come to terms with that in the wake of his mother's death. Others are less so, like Tsubaki's gradual realization that Kosei is way more into Kaori than her. It's a testament to how well-made this show is that it still feels compelling after plumbing the same few wells over and over, but that still makes it a huge stone to lift after a season break.

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