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8 Best Horror Anime You Must Watch

There aren't many horror anime out there to choose from and some stuff in these anime might not even make u flinch but horror is a bit different for Japanese. So for this list we are counting down top 8 horror anime that you must watch.

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faisalsheikh141079d ago

Ghost Hunt and Another was good.

waleed1251079d ago

mirai nikki is on 8th position i heard to it is quite good was planning to watch it already.

hammad4121079d ago

Elfen Lied seems good...gonna watch it soon

KonaSquid1079d ago

Wasn't aware mirai nikki qualified as horror. Seems like most people who describe it, never actually watched/finished it.

DivineHand1251079d ago

Any show where the main character is fearful of his/her impending murder is considered to be horror.

OmegaShen1079d ago

If that was the case, then that be alot of anime's.

andrewer1079d ago

Watched them all already. IMO Higurashi and Ghost Hound are great as well. Although Ghost Hound is more...psychological, I consider it close enough to horror.

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