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The 5 Worst Anime Clichés Ever.

Anime is weird. For one, we have the crying white haired imouto who swears she´s a senior in highschool, the gary stus, the alarming number of angsty my-family-situation-is-bad-pls -buy-my-body-pillow-jpg shoujo loverboy characters and, to make things even worse, Tokyo Ghoul Root A exists. I feel like we should all collectively apologize to Miyazaki.

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Chapter111231d ago

I'd like to add a few.

Female characters with boobs bigger than their heads, couples who are always embarrassed and awkward around each other, that thing guys do when the put three fingers over their eye's and grin, characters who eat a ton of food very quickly, and harems in which women want to bang the main character because he said one nice thing to them once.

spicelicka1230d ago

hahaha and don't forget the awkward sister brother incest undertones.

Stringerbell1231d ago

How about shoehorning in a stupid animal cutesy pets. Not exactly anime but I remember Valkyria Chronicles crow-barred in a flying pig.