Top 6 Anime Heroes of All Time

MyGameJob: They are the epitome of great in the realm of anime. This list tallies down Top 6 Anime Heroes of All Time. As you can envision we had very much a choice to pick from all the series and we have incline toward side of the classics in picking this rundown.

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OmegaShen1228d ago

Crappy list, two characters from FMA. I could come up with a better list without using the same.

cemelc1228d ago

This list is not that great, i can agree on the first

But the rest are all character from 500 eps animes...

How about lelouche,kamina,kamijou touma,Shichika Yasuri,Otonashi Yuzuru,teshi, araragi.

Anyone who is helping other without getting anything in return its likely a hero, even if he doesnt punch.

DivineHand1251227d ago

I would not put any of the guys you listed with the exception of kamina in a top 10 hero list. I'm sorry but after watching numerous DC hero shows, it raised that bar for me to very high high level that not many anime can catch up to.

Hergula1228d ago

How much research went into making this list? It is titled "top 6 anime heroes of all time", and that's a difficult list to make, yet with research you can actually make cases for the characters. What I mean is, that this seems like a personal favorites/most popular anime characters top 6 list, not an actual list trying to give a good idea to the reader of which characters could be the 6 best of all time. Also, the texts under each character is far, far, too short, as you need to make a case as to why they are great, what makes them good characters, why are they better than others, and why are they on the spot that they are on, and not higher up or lower down.

No offence, just giving out a few pointers in how to improve the list so people don't question it. Making a good list is an art in and of itself, ain't easy to make a good list, but you could put some more effort into it for your visitors' sake.

trywizardo1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

naruto , goku , luffy , akira (light yagami) , natsu and yugi xD

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