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Thanks To Hasbro "Yo-Kai Watch" Will Finally Be Coming To The West In 2016

Frank Inglese writes:

If there’s any real good way to start off a work week it’s with news like this! Long-time readers of the site will know that my fellow write Luke Halliday and I have this odd, visceral love for the Japanese monster-taming franchise “Yo-Kai Watch”.

Now if you’ve not heard of “Yo-Kai Watch” than, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to insist you never come to this website again…no, I’m kidding. Don’t leave us! “Yo-Kai Watch” is a franchise comprising of video games, action figures, trading cards and everything else you can image would come out of a highly-popular series that is now heading to the West thanks to the wonderful people over at Hasbro.

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