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Maria the Virgin Witch Episode 5 - Animenewsnetwork

Animenewsnetwork - The episode begins by catching us up on the priest's schemes. Turns out that he's related to the local lord and conspiring with him to further France's interests in the war. The current plan is to manipulate Maria's intervention in their favor and eliminate her once they've enacted peace. I'm still not sure to what extent Bernard is acting according to self-interest. If he is at all, it's on the national level rather than for the benefit of all mankind, but it's becoming increasingly clear that he's bending scripture to suit his own aims. If anything, he's following the letter of the law rather than the spirit, while Maria is more in tune with aspects of the spirit, but has an overly simplistic view of human nature. Bernard also employs deceit while Maria is transparent about her methods and goals. I'm excited to see how these two will eventually come into direct conflict.

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