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Junjo Romantica: Season 2 Review | The Game Scouts

Erin Conley: In case you have not read the review for the first season of this series, let me get it out of the way that Junjo Romantica falls in the genre of yaoi. For the uninitiated, this means that it’s a romance focused on the relationship between two male protagonists. So if that’s not your jam, you’re clear to stop reading from here on out. Season one of the show establishes three sets of characters who become couples through various scenarios. Season two continues following their relationships, showing some of their hardships. I did appreciate the depiction of the less glamorous aspects, especially since some of the issues were ones I feel people can actually relate to and understand. The characters are imperfect-they get jealous, possessive, etc. - but they talk it through and resolve their issues with one another.

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