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Bandai Visual Sets Japanese ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Victory’ Blu-ray Anime Box Sets

This year just got a little more expensive for Gundam fans as Bandai Visual has set a release date for two box sets to bring out the full fifty one episode series Mobile Suit Gundam Victory. The plan is for the first set to arrive on July 24th, 2015 and then the second on September 25th, 2015, both of which are priced at 34,000 yen. The initial solicitation has not provided any visuals for it, but there will be four new audio commentaries recorded for select episodes and it’ll also include the clean opening and closing. A newly illustrated box is being designed for the set and there are some booklet pieces in the works for it as well for the first set. The second set looks to have another four episodes with commentary, the clean opening and closing, and eye-catch collection and a scenes collection as well as promotional spots and commercial spots in a collection.

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