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Best6 Anime Like Parasyte (Kiseijuu) [Recommendations]

With its gripping, dreadful atmosphere, terrifying monster design and masterly crafted plot, Parasyte – the Maxim is a one of a kind anime that fans cannot get enough of.
A genius blend of science fiction and horror with a dash of slice of life, anime lovers of all types can find something to love in Parasyte. Are you looking for something to watch while you patiently wait for the next episode?

Let this list guide you some great anime similar to Parasyte we are sure you will love!


◆1. Tokyo Ghoul
◆2. Elfen Lied
◆3. ...

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vgopal836d ago

Good list absolutely loved Parasyte and Tokyo Ghoul.

honeys-anime835d ago

the show of Parasyte and Ghoul root A have reached their climax, lets enjoy together!

vgopal835d ago

I feel bad that they are about to reach the climax...want more of it though..

RapidPanda835d ago

Me too! I cant help waiting other animes on air like those good show!

vgopal835d ago

yeah recently watched "Deadman Wonderland" its is also short(12 eps) but loved it. check this link: for more.

RapidPanda835d ago

Thank you for recommendations! I would watch Deadman Wonderland this Sunday.

DEATHxTHExKIDx835d ago

I only read Gantz. I never finished SPeed Grapher. Tokyo Ghoul and Elfen Lied are raw tho

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