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Naruto Shippuden's New Chunin Exam Arc - A Justified Filler Or Just Another Stall Tactic?

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

It all started in chapter thirty four of the original "Naruto" Manga series. Before "Shippuden" was even close to being a reality, fans of the series followed the young Shinobi, Naruto, and his journey to becoming something more than a simple "nincompoop" with a bad attitude and an air of utter restlessness. It was during this stage of the little Ninja's life that audiences were graced with an arc that, I believe, truly defines exactly what early chapters of "Naruto" were truly abou

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F-Inglese-941162d ago

What a detailed and interesting opinion.

Baka-akaB1161d ago

I think it's as detailled as the plot of the filler

TXIDarkAvenger1162d ago

A bit interested. I don't follow the anime and I've finished the manga which didn't cover this. It might be worth a watch but I can only imagine the anime-only fans being angered about another filler arc.

cemelc1162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

The anime is awfull. my only hope for it is a kai version without 200 eps of filler.

Manga ended last year for crying out loud.

Baka-akaB1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I'd hope for a remake Hunter X Hunter style instead . Going "Kai" isnt going to fix the awful design and animations for too many non filler stuff

pompombrum1162d ago

Obviously a stall tactic. Compared to some of the fillers though, at least they are trying with a proper arc instead of random horrible one episode stories. They could make the arc a lot better though if they ditched their Naruto obsession. The amount of "how that reminds me of Naruto" is borderline cringe worthy.

F-Inglese-941162d ago

You are right about that. As much as Naruto ISNT in it, it seems like every time they want to shoehorn him in they make the characters mention that they miss him.

gangsta_red1161d ago

So very true, its what killed Dragon Ball for me. Such a great cast but they're all useless and depend on Goku to do everything.

gangsta_red1162d ago

Agreed, such a great cast of characters and it's a shame that even if the series is called Naruto, they could at least focus on some of the other teams.

F-Inglese-941161d ago

unfortunately that was the problem with Shippuden; Kishimoto made Naruto so powerful that no other character could get any job done. At least in the original series there were others that got some limelight

Akatsuki070NL1155d ago

I like this filler so far (y)