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Aldnoah.Zero 24 [END] | Sea Slug! Anime

While the Aldnoah.Zero hype train must stop here, whatever you think of this show, good or bad, it's been a wild ride and I'm glad I covered this show from beginning to end. If there is ever a sequel to Aldnoah.Zero or a brand new mecha series, count me in as being interested because I'm intrigued where this genre will go next.

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TheAnimeSnob1118d ago

Whether or not Aldnoah.Zero get a sequel or not, I'm satisfied with the ending unlike Tokyo Ghoul where it just shit itself throughout the season and its finale.

TXIDarkAvenger1117d ago

I gave this season of Aldnoah.Zero an 8/10 as well. The ending makes sense if you really think about it but I felt as if there wasn't a real shock factor, like the show didn't go out with a bang. All the other episodes were well done though and kept me wanting more.

cemelc1117d ago (Edited 1117d ago )

I hated this show since episode 13,Never did anything to recover.

That cyber eye was working on magic principles.
The reason for the war is still there.
The ending didnt make sence to me.

I would give this 4/10, it was poorly written and most of the score was for art and action.