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Spring 2015 First Impressions

Guy goes over the list of shows he's sampled thus far this season, and gives a brief overview of his thoughts on each of them, while linking to a much lengthier break-down of each and every single one of them.

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Thunder_God1141d ago

While most of the premiers hadn't really been "exciting", thus far, as if they're waiting for the 2nd episode to really show us what they've got, it's still an interesting season thus far.

What did you guys like, in particular?

iblessall1141d ago

If you had watched Kinmoza S2's premiere, you would've had plenty of excitement! :P

Thunder_God1141d ago

This comment is foolish of you. I'd have absolutely hated the episode, and anything I'd have said of it would've only made you sad :P

I try to not watch things I know I'm not going to enjoy. I think it's best for everyone that way.

Killa781141d ago

Gintama and Yahari S2 are onto an exceptional start imo - nothing else has been that good :(

TXIDarkAvenger1141d ago

If I want to watch Fate/Stay Night where do I start? I see there are other prequels of the same series so I don't know if I have to watch all those too. The animation looks top notch and a lot of people are hyping it.

Thunder_God1141d ago

You'll hear people espouse pros and cons of starting with each of DEEN's 2006 anime, Fate/Zero, or the current UBW.

Although Fate/Zero will spoil you on some important things in UBW, and UBW will spoil you on the ending of Fate/Zero, it really feels as if UBW assumes you know what happened prior.

I'd say start with either the 2006 series, which is much maligned but I think is fine, but doesn't look as good as Ufotable's series, or Fate/Zero, and then move to Unlimited Blade Works.