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[anizeen] Kyoukai no Rinne (2015)

Sakura Mamiya is a high school student, she’d love to ignore some of the things that go around her, unfortunately, she is able to see ghosts and spirits.

It’s been some weeks now, and his neighbor in the classroom has not shown once. One day, Sakura is able to see a person sit next to her, she wonders if he is Rinne Rokudo, and why he is wearing strange ropes at school.

Sakura stays silent watching, and suddenly his teacher begins to take assistance and comments that Rinne is still absent. But he is right next to her… enticing a big Chihuahua dog. But no one else sees it, and Rinne is literally taken away by the spirit.

The next morning, everyone is surprised to see Rinne at school, he is wearing his old junior high uniform, and his teacher believes he has financial problems at home. And he really does, he barely survives...

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