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6 Anime Like Infinite Stratos [Recommendations]

What do you get if you combine (gattai) several anime genres into a single anime full of comedy, romances, actions, fan-services, and catchy character’s songs. Imagine Love Hina, Strike Witches, and K-ON!, blended together. That’s how you describe Infinite Stratos, a fun, humorous, fast-paced, explosive, and action packed anime for mecha-girl, romance, and of course ecchi fan-service.

Infinite Stratos’ premise is about Ichika Orimura, finding the truth that he’s the only male in the world who can control a futuristic exoskeleton called Infinte Stratos (or IS for short). Our protagonist has to deal with the fact that all the girls in his Infinite Stratos Academy have interest in him. The premise of this anime is about Ichika’s daily life dealing with battles and romantic events, which usually will turn into a catfight between the girls. All the main female casts are always trying to get our main hero’s attention, or at least recognition.

Below are 6 other anime that you may fin...

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Fonzy1431d ago

Oh, Yeah! Infinite Stratos was great!! I like these selections!! Thanks!