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Top 7 Messed Up Anime.

As dumb as the title sounds and as much as the Misty Chronexias of the ani-vlogger realm like to insist that anything and everything with a little blood and nudity is inherently “messed up“, I personally believe that the actual messed up anime are the anime that are little bit out there – the kind of stories you wouldn´t think would get the creative “okay” to be produced. Not the shows aimed at horny tweens loosing their heads over pink haired bishoujos well, loosing their heads. With that said and because my daily views have plunged downwards, here comes my fishbaiting top 7 how-did-this-get-aired anime.

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Stringerbell1129d ago

The third act in the Berserk Golden Age Arc was pretty messed up too.

CLOUD19831128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Replace the word "messed up" with "MASTERPIECE" that's the word you are looking for I think ^__^

Stringerbell1127d ago

haha yeah- you know I wish they would redo the series after he Golden Age Arc but it looks like Studio 4c has no intention to do so =/

CLOUD19831127d ago

I read somewhere that they plan to release more movies in the future so we can still hope.