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Naruto Part 3? Yeah, Not Really

You may have been hearing for months now that Naruto will be returning! The Naruto side story novels are being released and fans are obviously excited for more Naruto, but let's all stop.

Take a step back and breathe.


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crxss1094d ago

More Naruto is win win

listenkids1094d ago

If it was about Naruto, I'd agree.

crxss1093d ago

Was I the only one who saw Naruto in that chapter?

listenkids1093d ago

Not saying Naruto wasn't part of the manga, but it was tiny. It'll follow mainly the kids and general village stories, starting with "who is my mum..?".

hkgamer1093d ago

manga noob.

there is no such thing as naruto part 2.