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The Guest & You’re next Director Adam Wingard to Direct Death Note

Adam Wingard so far has directed movies like A horrible way to die, The guest, You’re next and What fun we are having. All horror films, which have IMDB ratings around 6-8/ Overall he is a person quite experienced in horror genre, with a single movie being a drama, i.e. Art History. Making him quite a good fit for this genre.Death Note is considered a cult classic among its ardent fans and is one of the most popular psychological/horror anime. Which acted as a fresh breath in its genre when it came out. Throwing out the usual tropes of mindless monster or curses and demons, the series set a whole new standard for the genre that was hard to follow. Exploring the premise of what a man can do when he has the powers of a death god. How one might try to stop him and what and what isn’t moral and justice and such.

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KryptoniteTail1144d ago

This is the second best news next to DBS. So happy the DN film is still kickin'.