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Wtf Anime Wednesday: Haters Going to Hate, Even if it’s Dumb…

Souless wrote: This has been stated in many places but I noticed it myself too, lately more and more anime & manga fans being overly obsessive with their taste and in thinking they “know better” than others. There are people who get made fun of or taunted for liking and enjoying a show that the internet collective thinks is bad. It’s like they think just because they like or dislike something then everyone else must too or they are wrong. It has gotten to the point where they’re immediately dismissed from any sort of forum or group just because they enjoy a particular show. What’s more concerning is that there are people who put on a facade and “stop” liking shows that they actually liked to maintain an image of being an anime or manga expert. On average it’s for liking a series that is considered mainstream or commonplace. The biggest examples tend to be the shonen trio (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach) or other popular series. It’s like once a series is wel...

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