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Otanime Ep. 04 – “Chimera Hunter”

On this episode of Otanime, we talk about Hunter x Hunter. In particular, we focus on the Chimera Ants arc which is arguably the best the anime has produced.

As always, we talk about the anime we’ve been watching and the anime we are anticipating. We also detail the anime of the month for May. This time, we have two anime we’ll be talking about: Death Parade, and the original Record of Lodos War.

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SwiffEpics1175d ago

Love this show. It helps me keep up with all the new anime.

jaggernaut251174d ago

I'm happy you do it monthly, it's nice having a big round up to look forward to.

rbailey1174d ago

Another great episode. I definitely have alot of anime to catch up on.

johnherlosky1170d ago

Not normally a fan, but this was one of the best.