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5 Anime That Should Have Been Great (But Failed Miserably)

I think the absolutely biggest flaw of anime is that it´s anime.

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DJNOSTYLE1109d ago

Oof, I think UBW is phenomenal.

Alixithymia1109d ago

And that´s cool, diversity makes the world interesting.

pompombrum1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

It's really good but for me, pales compared to the character driven story of Fate Zero.

Lord_Sloth1107d ago

Your 1st line set the mood for the rest of the article flawlessly. I knew it would be lame. Thanks for the heads up.

xPaYDaYx1107d ago

Pretty much everything in life could be much better. The key is to appreciate what is around you and not wish for everything that could\should be better or that you need\want to have. Things could be much worse, my life wouldn't be complete having not watched Gantz, nuff sed

andrewer1107d ago

I also think that Fate/Stay Night is better than UBW, that Gantz could have used better approaches, that Tokyo Ghoul 2 was horrible compared to the first season, that K had more potential and that Madoka could have used some non-anime stuff to not let it superficial in some parts. But none of these is what I call a miserable fail, they were all enjoyable (except Tokyo Ghoul S2's ending xD). There are anime that fail in being enjoyable - these are the real problems.

CLOUD19831107d ago

Agree also for me Fate/Stay Night is the best from all 3 series, the other 2 just have better animation & battles but they didn't succeed to make me like them more, it seems the first one will always be my favorite because the story & passing & how it make me feel about the characters is by far above the other 2 which I found boring for the most part if we exclude ofc some moments were they have amazing battles & the animation is pure magic.

TXIDarkAvenger1107d ago

I actually enjoyed Tokyo Ghoul S2 until the ending. I'm not even sure why they wanted to do an original ending. But fortunately this made me pick up the manga and its so much better.

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