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So, Is Anime Sexist?

So, is anime sexist? It´s a simple question that generates a guaranteed online war wherever and whenever it´s asked. I wasn´t going to write about this, but after getting blocked by McIntosh (a.k.a the male Anita Sarkeesian) on Twitter this morning for stating the obvious, I feel it´s my aniblogger´s duty to defend my opinion some more.

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Thunder_God1107d ago

"Is anime sexist?" - The answer is almost obviously "Yes". So that's not as much an interesting question, once you're dealing with people who are not, well, 12.

The actual questions should be "How is anime sexist?" "Does it matter? If so, why?" And "If it's sexist, what does it mean to us?" - Anime can be sexist, and you can enjoy it, without being sexist, or it destroying the world. But to ask whether it's sexist seems trivial. And anime being sexist doesn't necessarily mean that /all/ of it is. Saying "But some anime are not at all sexist!" is a bit of a strawman.

Yi-Long1104d ago

Are day-time soaps 'sexist'? Are shows like Desperate Housewives, Sex & The City, and Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce 'sexist'? Are talkshows like Dr. Phil and Oprah 'sexist'!?

Looking at the looks of the men shown, their primary funtion on those shows, how they're talked about... we could argue 'yes'.

However, those shows are squarely aimed at a female audience and fantasy. So somehow it's deemed acceptable.

To claim anime is 'sexist' is a ridiculous statement, not just because anime is HUGE and offers so much variety in the shows it entails, but also because it's one of the most progressive forms of entertainment in terms of equality. We've seen strong women even in the early old shows & movies, like Battleship Yamato, Akira, etc.

In fact, compared to American shows and cartoons, anime has always been light years ahead when it comes to strong female characters and gender-equality.

Insinuation otherwise is just pure ignorance, based on perhaps a small section/part of the genre, instead of anime as a whole.

LinkageAX1105d ago

Answer is yes, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

paradigmfellow1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

any form of being sexist is a bad thing.

LinkageAX1103d ago

It might do you well to think about things, rather than just deem something as bad just because.

paradigmfellow1103d ago

@LinkageAX Anything that objectifies humans and sets up unrealistic expectations, no matter the degree, is bad. Especially in the long run. The long term effects of not questioning any form of sexist comments, behaviors, looks, etc. leads people to become desensitize and more accepting of such things in culture.

xPaYDaYx1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

What is the point of asking this question, that's like asking "Do all humans really breathe?"
Japan itself is an extremely sexist place.

KryptoniteTail1097d ago

So, is this a stupid SJW question?