The Anime Pulse #13 – Sorry Kid, Your Manga Didn’t Make the Cut

The Outerhaven writes:
Hello everyone and welcome to another addition of The Anime Pulse! If you haven’t seen it yet, my colleague, Clinton Bowman, started a brand new feature here on The Outer Haven called the High Five where we will take turns, on a weekly basis, giving our own personal Top Five (insert something from the world of geek culture here.) With that being said, this week’s Anime Pulse will be my own version of a Top Five.

Whoa.. wait a minute, didn’t you just say everyone will be taking turns on this each week?

Why, yes… yes I did, however, there’s been something that’s been nagging me for a while that I want to get off my chest and rather than just do a rant about it (which was the original intent of this column) I figured I would capitalize on our new-found feature and turn this into an organized, bulleted rant rather than just a regular rant.

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