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Ninja Scroll Blu-ray Anime Review | Fandom Post

Trapped into a mission not of his choosing, Jubei finds a powerful reason to fight.

What They Say:
Jubei Kibagami has always been the master dealer of death, but in rescuing a ninja woman from a monster he sets loose a chain of events that puts death in his own veins and sends them on a nightmarish odyssey through a surreal and devil infested ancient Japan. How do demonic possessions, an annihilated village, and a man Jubei thought safely buried in his past all connect? If Jubei can’t piece the blood-soaked clues together, his only consolation will be that he won’t live to regret it for very long!

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Thunder_God1104d ago

It's amazing how "forgotten" Ninja Scroll is by today's anime fandom, while being one of the main 3 films watched by western fans in the early to mid 90s (Alongside Akira and Ghost in the Shell). I guess in recent years it was somewhat replaced by Sword of the Stranger, but man, this film is pretty, and yeah, "cool".

akiraburn1103d ago

Definitely man. Growing up, I still very distinctly remember the first time that I watched each of those films. They were mindblowing. The scene in Ninja Scroll where Jubei and the stone dude are fighting, then sword slams into his own skull followed by him grabbing Jubei's head in a final attempt to kill him. Or in Akira when Cam Clarke's Kanaeda is standing with Jan Rabson's Tetsuo, as he's beating down a clown and the iconic "That's enough Tetsuo. You wanna kill him?", "That's right! I'm gonna wipe this guy all over the street!". And of course the first scene of Ghost in the Shell, right after Mokoto says "Of course it is" before blowing out the window and the guy's head explodes. Man, all of that was so awesome!

I really miss the oldschool anime approach that a lot of writers and creators had. There were so many incredible ideas flowing back then. Between the three that you mentioned and some of the other series/movies, like Berserk, Iria, Galaxy Express, Golgo 13, and generally the majority of the anime releasing, the entire industry was really incredible.

There's a lot of really good modern anime movies and series, but even among the best of them I don't tend to get the same sense of awe and wonderment as I do even going back and watching these classics. Not because of nostalgia, or because of the older ones being hand drawn, but simply because they were (and still are) such awesome experiences.