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Goku From Dragon Ball Super Manga Promotion Unveiled

An image of Goku from Toyotarō's manga version of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super television anime series debuted on Thursday.

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Stringerbell1158d ago

A little less jacked, not bad though.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1157d ago

looks like if confirmed to be after the resurrection of F

Bass_fisherman1157d ago

It looks too young it resembles alot like Luffy rather than Goku...

Canary1156d ago

Ulgh. Even worse than the post-manga design.

For those who don't notice, it suffers the same two problems as the prior design:

1. muscles add mass, they do not subtract mass.
2. muscles are not tense 100% of the time.

I mean... christ. Goku has the body of a teenager and his muscles are so overly defined he looks like (really bad) fanart.

Kamikaze1351156d ago

That design is promotional art for RoF:

However, the same artist that drew the RoF manga is the one one drawing the DBS manga so the style might be the same unless they're changing it for some reason.