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Animecast: We Really Do Love Dubs

Just like the famous Godfather quote, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!” The discussion over Dubs manages to find us once again. That’s not all we cover though, as rescue licensing and tons of other great community questions flood our mailbox. Join us, relax, and enjoy!

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KryptoniteTail1118d ago

I generally prefer dubs if only so I don't need to learn a new language or read. Sometimes the dub actually manages to be superior to sub, like DBZ (Schemmel stomps Nozawa) but sometimes the dub is so inferior too sub that I prefer sub (Attack on Titan is a prime example). I actually enjoy both well enough like with Death Note but dub is overall ny preference (man, Juliani IS L and Swaile hits his lines perfect 95% of the time, though a few instances of over or under acting).

TLDR: Dubs are cool, usually.

slinky1234561117d ago

Dubs lately have been amazing in terms of the quality given to them for the past few years. It was a negative stigma that anime have bad Dub VA's in the 90's and has carried its way to now even. But that has definitely changed with the likes of Funimation, Vizmedia and others actually competing and working for the best quality.

I prefer Dub, mostly because I read quite a bit of Manga, and I want to watch my anime, and read my manga. It's just so much more enjoyable for me. To each there own though.

Stringerbell1117d ago

I kind of agree. Remembering some of those dubs from my favourite anime's in the 90's - they were horrendous!