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OreGairu Season 2 Episode 8 – The Ineffability of the Human Experience

This week Guy covers the nature of lessons that cannot be said outright, only hinted at. This is a metaphor for Sensei's actions, and for why Hachiman's scene with Yui and Yukino in the episode's second half went as it did.

The entry also contains a link to the full-episode notes, as per usual.

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Thunder_God1094d ago

What an episode! I described both episodes 4 and 7 as being "What the series as a whole had been building up to that point," but that definition is still true now, which makes sense, as every episode is the culmination of what had happened up to this point, and what leads to the episodes that follow.

Hachiman is finally ready for change, and they're all scared, but they're going for it. Good luck, little Hikki.

The full episodic notes, covering each line/scene as they go can be read here - https://geekorner.wordpress... - very long.