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Is the Demise of Anime Really Upon Us?

Some people at BEA 2015 disagree.

We recently published an article covering Doomsayer Hideaki Anno’s prediction that Japanese animation is on the decline for various reasons ranging from lack of creativity, the financial rise of other Asian economies, and the refusal to change the Japanese animation industry’s business model. As any fan knows, Anime and Manga are closely related and have a relationship with each other that allows for the promotion of new print titles and animated series. When a popular Manga really takes off we often see the rise of a corresponding Anime as a response. Attack on Titan is a wonderful example of a series that has really taken off both in print and on the screen. Soon Attack on Titan will have a full length, Live Action film! Now that is what I call popular! In other cases, an Anime may get a Manga counterpart if the series proves interesting enough. Example – Hell Girl, which debuted first as an animated series and then became serialized as a Manga that shared similarities with the Anime but followed different stories.

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KryptoniteTail1081d ago

Attack on Titan Season 2 and Dragon Ball Super say otherwise.