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Manga Review: Sword Art Online Fairy Dance 001 (The Outerhaven)

Sword Art Online began its life as a light novel written for a competition in 2001. Since then, SAO has exploded with over 16 million copies of its various adaptations sold to date! This series is so popular that I am wasting precious time by telling you how popular it is. Fairy Dance is the third manga adaptation and focuses on the ALfheim Online story arc. Chances are, you're very familiar with this story from watching the anime. This particular story arc faced a good amount of criticism from initial reviews, with good reason. Asuna "The Flash" went from being a strong female lead in the original Sword Art Online to being a trophy on display in a bird cage on a branch of the World Tree in ALO. This is something that scholars everywhere can have tons of fun dissecting. Asuna could very well be a statement that women who are strong-willed in a traditional society will be silenced and metaphorically caged for their defiance of patriarchy. She could also represent a challenge to traditional ideas since Asuna refuses to be content with her arranged marriage even if she is not physically capable of rebelling.

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