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The Nostalgia Effect & Anime.

If you´re looking at the picture above and furrowing your eyebrows, no, you haven´t fallen into a time loop back to 2006, it´s just very hard to find a Code Geass screenshot that doesn´t look like a potato. I don´t think we appreciate how far video quality has come, which transitions nicely in the topic I´m going to give my uneducated opinion on: Nostalgia goggles, ironically, blur our views on our dearest shows, most of the time, it´s better to never go back to that thing again, be it anime, manga, movies or any other type fiction in case you realize how inherently awful it actually is. Why is this? have we all become bitter weebs on the internet? has the opinion of others clouded our own? did we just have shit taste or were our virgin animu eyes just too new to the medium to care about everything in it?

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