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One Piece: Big Announcement Coming Soon

One Piece will air the special episode, “Episode of Sabo”.
During this episode, a big annoucement will be made!

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Fonzy925d ago

I'm a huge fan of One Piece! I've also a lot of people are thinking it's a movie. If it is, I'm sure they'll explain Sabo's story about how he met Dragon and became second in command of the Revolutionary Army.

dante139925d ago

i don't understand how are you a fan but don't know how sabo met dragon. it could be a movie but its not about sabo because "On August 22, at 9pm in Japan on Fuji TV, One Piece will air the special episode, “Episode of Sabo”." which explains everything about sabo.

theshredded925d ago

all I can say about this anime is holy sh*t! over 700 episodes and less than 15% are filler unlike frickin Bleach. I've watched some filler by mistake and they're actually good. I'm at episode 150 so far. I immediately noticed Zoro's voice actor and knew I was set. I've felt some arcs were dragged and long though but still nothing tops the HunterXHunter reboot

Kakashi Hatake924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

Yeah most isn't filler, but that doesn't matter when it's dragging on for so long. DressRosa has been like 90 episodes of nothing. 700 episodes and the lore of the show is barely explained. We don't even know why Luffy has gears. If you're gonna knock Bleach for fillers, you should knock One Piece for dragging. This is coming from someone that's current in the anime.

noxeven924d ago

unless its endings not major news in my mind

ZaWarudo924d ago

Show us how he got freaking OP as f***