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Dude Tries Fixing Dragon Ball Super's Cruddy Animation

Animator Robson Menezes dos Santos, who created that touching Dragon Ball anime for his son’s birthday, is having a go at some of Dragon Ball Super’s not-so-super animation from a recent episode.

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Stringerbell1041d ago

Hire this guy, no seriously hire him.

TXIDarkAvenger1039d ago

So disappointing. I'm actually debating if I should drop the show but I love DBZ. Everything else looks good but when they start fighting it looks horrible.

worldwidegaming1039d ago

Being an Animator for these companies is NOT fun!
They pay these guys very little so they do not expect the best.
I am not giving them an excuse, just stating the facts.

lets complain some more and ridicule their CRUDDY work!
How dare you Animator! Its so bad! I understand you get paid like $300 a week to animate a character that earns us millions upon millions of dollars but wait how do you survive living in Japan on a little less than $1000 a month?

gangsta_red1039d ago

So I'm watching Super and I have seen Battle of the Battle of the Gods an OVA or something? Because it pretty much looks like its a set up to what happens in the first arc of DB Super.