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Anime Worlds You Don't Want to Live In

Niconico News compiled a list of some anime and manga with are set in worlds that us fans would not like to actually live in.
It looks like people generally don't like worlds where they're likely to die.

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Stringerbell970d ago

An Attack on Titan world would indeed suck to live in.

xPaYDaYx970d ago

I think the benefits of living in AOT would outweigh the chance of getting eaten honestly. 3D manouver gear is pretty awesome lol. Also Mikasa is there so...

XisThatKid970d ago (Edited 970d ago )

No. 6
Big O
Tri gun
High school of the dead
Dragon ball (they have dinosaurs)
Attack on titan (of course)
Death Note, can you imagine if anyone on. N4G had one and all you needed is someone's handle
Barefoot Jin, oh wait...
Bleach, a world where swordsmen don't stab each other is boring
AnyThing Yu gi oh
Pokemon are just scary
Naruto, a world without Neji is absurd.

dota2champion964d ago

It would be awesome for me. Living any Anime world would be awesome.

blackblades970d ago

AOT is the worst, sure don't want to be eaten or squashed. DN depends on the kind of person you are so I'm a nobody u got nothing to worry about. DBZ take that off the list, everyone imagined themselves in it and wants to be a super saiyan.