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Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Trailer

It's been too long. Anthony reports on the recent gameplay trailer released for the Final Fantasy 7: Remake at the Playstation Experience

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Stringerbell1196d ago

Their recent announcement has been quite devise, what do you guys think about it?

Makster1196d ago

I was honestly surprised that they were able to turn around a gameplay demo so quickly after the E3 announcement.
I had a suspicion that it was episodic since that way they can make the game is chunks and it'll be easier to push out instead of one massive thing.

In the end, I think fans that don't want to get it episodically can wait even longer for everything to be in a full package which will come out around the same time as if it were a single release. Let's just hope it doesn't get cancelled half way through

Stringerbell1196d ago

I'll proboly wait. For instance with 13, waiting between installments dampened the flow for me - if that's the case here I will def wait a bit...