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Secret Santa Project 2015 - Ergo Proxy Review | Caraniel's Ramblings

So once again I decided to participate in this year’s Secret Santa project organised by Reverse Thieves – it’s my fourth year now, and I’m still terrible at getting the post done before Christmas! The concept is simple; you get three series recommended to you by an anonymous blogger based on your anime list, and you have to review at least one of them before Christmas Day.

This year my Secret Santa gave me some pretty great choices – Ergo Proxy, Gungrave and Victorian Romance Emma. I had intended to get round to them all at some point anyway, so decided to go for the one that’s been hanging around my to-watch list for the longest – Ergo Proxy (I’ve had that series sitting ready to watch since 2008!). So yeah I’m super late getting this post out this year not because I wasn’t keen on the selections, but solely due to a lack of time – I only managed to start the show on Christmas Eve! Ah well, I’m done now – apologies and thank you Secret Santa~!

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