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Anime Feminist: How fan service can attract or repel an audience, and how to tell the difference

There’s a misconception that feminists believe any and all fan service is always bad. But in this feminist’s opinion, fan service goes wrong when it interrupts the mood of the show.

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justy112630d ago ShowReplies(3)
FlyingFoxy630d ago

Heh, I've seen some shows get a low rating from the odd few just because they hate fanservice, then they try shoving their opinion down your throat as if it is the only thought that matters. It's pointless reviewing shows with fanservice if they are just going to moan about it, it's pretty much like hating chocolate but eating it and then moaning about how much you hate it anyway.

Khalina630d ago

That's not a good anology. It's like buying chocolate, and finding out it has pieces of broccoli in it. I like chocolate, but if there is too much broccoli that I didn't know would be there, it ruins the chocolate for me a bit.

Most anime's don't specify that they have a lot of fan service in them. I mean sure some are obvious and can be easily avoided, but some don't make themselves apparent until you start watching them. And if there is a great believable story which then gets somewhat ruined by overly excessive fan service, that takes you out of the experience and ruins the immersion. That is a legitimate concern and a fair reason to give a lower rating.

I'd also leave a negative rating for chocolate with broccoli pieces that didn't indicate on the package that it has that.

Chinkyinc18630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

It's not really a PC-type article, but the main issue with the article's point is that the author automatically defines fanservice in anime as something sexual when that's only one type of fanservice. She mention how would it feel if they zoomed in on Goku crotch when he charging up a Kamehameha when in fact, the charging and over-focus on the move and scene in itself is a type of fanservice: It's action fanservice. Do you need to prolong a scene with a bunch a different angles and suped up production values for this scene to convey the plot? No, but it's fanservice for action fans.

Her point on using a type of fanservice that isn't part of the show genre and/or not having good timing for it can take away from the show is a decent concern, but doesn't really hurt unless the studio really overdo it.

kaizokuspy630d ago

As a casual fan of anime I only thought of sexual fanservice but never stopped to think of other kinds of fan service. Thanks for your comment.

s45gr32630d ago

Finally, a good article that distinguishes good fan service from unnecessary fan service. I really enjoy the analysis of it and I am glad the author understands why some anime do need fan service and why other anime does not.

tazmeah625d ago

Anime streaming websites like Crunchyroll need to fully adopt the television content ratings system guidelines used in their respective countries. That way, you will know before you begin watching if the program you are considering watching is TV-MA: "specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore may be unsuitable for children under 17." Its sub-ratings give further specifics, like "S" for "Sexual Situations".

Gamers are already familiar with ESRB ratings on video games.

Using these systems help us avoid material we find offensive, and allow us to name it what it is. It's suggestive dialogue, crude language, and sexual situations. It's not fan-service.