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Ghost in the Shell's First Trailer Debuts

After months of teases and years of false starts, the Ghost in the Shell movie is closer than ever, as Paramount shows in this first trailer.

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TXIDarkAvenger375d ago

Hmm...Doesn't really feel like Ghost in the Shell to me but I'll probably still give it a watch.

pompombrum374d ago

Trailer pretty much proves that Scarlet Jo was a poor casting choice, controversial white washing aside, she's not convincing at all as a bad ass Cyborg. Still, the trailer makes it look better than I was expecting, it'll be a decent watch.

FamilyGuy374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Only interested if we get to see Scarlett naked. Damn that bodysuit :(

annoyedgamer374d ago

Scarlet Johansen vanity project.

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